USB Adapter (12V / 24V) for Samsung

USB Adapter (12V / 24V) for Samsung

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USB Adapter (12V / 24V) for Samsung USB Adapter (12V / 24V) for Samsung USB Adapter (12V / 24V) for Samsung USB Adapter (12V / 24V) for Samsung USB Adapter (12V / 24V) for Samsung USB Adapter (12V / 24V) for Samsung USB Adapter (12V / 24V) for Samsung
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Charge the battery of your device with our USB Charging Adapter.
All you need is a USB cable with support of charging function, compatible with your device.

Technical specifications
Input Current Voltage (Volt): 12V / 24V, for charging at the cigarette lighter in a car / truck
Quantity of USB Ports (Output): 1 USB output
USB Port: 5V / 1A max.
Max. Power in Watt: 5W
fits for instance: Smartphone / MP3 Player / Game console / GPS / eReader

General information:
Short circuit and overheating protection
Suitable for all battery types (Li-ion, Li-po, NiMH)

2 Years warranty

Fits the following devices

Samsung AQ100
Samsung CL5
Samsung CL65
Samsung CL80
Samsung Digimax L70
Samsung DV300 / DV300F
Samsung DV305 / DV305F
Samsung EK-GC100 Galaxy Camera
Samsung EK-GC110 Galaxy Camera
Samsung EK-GC120 Galaxy Camera
Samsung EK-GC200 Galaxy Camera
Samsung EK-GN120 Galaxy NX
Samsung ES55
Samsung ES60
Samsung ES63
Samsung ES65
Samsung ES67
Samsung ES70
Samsung ES71
Samsung ES73
Samsung ES74
Samsung ES75
Samsung ES78
Samsung ES80
Samsung ES81
Samsung ES90
Samsung ES91
Samsung EX1
Samsung EX2F
Samsung Galaxy Camera 2
Samsung HMX-F80
Samsung HMX-F800
Samsung HMX-F810
Samsung HMX-F90
Samsung HMX-F900
Samsung HMX-F91
Samsung HMX-F910
Samsung HMX-F920
Samsung HZ10W
Samsung HZ15W
Samsung HZ25W
Samsung HZ30W
Samsung HZ35W
Samsung HZ50W
Samsung i100
Samsung i7
Samsung i70
Samsung i70S
Samsung i8
Samsung i80
Samsung i85
Samsung IT100
Samsung L100
Samsung L110
Samsung L200
Samsung L201
Samsung L210
Samsung L310w
Samsung L730
Samsung L830
Samsung L83T
Samsung M100
Samsung M110
Samsung MV800
Samsung MV900 / MV900F
Samsung NV10
Samsung NV100 HD
Samsung NV106 HD
Samsung NV11
Samsung NV15
Samsung NV20
Samsung NV24 HD
Samsung NV3
Samsung NV30
Samsung NV33
Samsung NV4
Samsung NV40
Samsung NV5
Samsung NV7 OPS
Samsung NV8
Samsung NV9
Samsung NX1
Samsung NX2000
Samsung NX30
Samsung NX300
Samsung NX3300
Samsung NX500
Samsung NXF1 NX mini
Samsung PL10
Samsung PL100
Samsung PL101
Samsung PL120
Samsung PL121
Samsung PL150
Samsung PL151
Samsung PL170
Samsung PL171
Samsung PL20
Samsung PL200
Samsung PL201
Samsung PL21
Samsung PL210
Samsung PL211
Samsung PL50
Samsung PL51
Samsung PL55
Samsung PL57
Samsung PL60
Samsung PL65
Samsung PL70
Samsung PL80
Samsung PL81
Samsung PL90
Samsung PL91
Samsung SH100
Samsung SL102
Samsung SL201
Samsung SL202
Samsung SL310W
Samsung SL420
Samsung SL50
Samsung SL502
Samsung SL600
Samsung SL605
Samsung SL620
Samsung SL630
Samsung SL720
Samsung SL820
Samsung SMX-F70
Samsung SMX-F700
Samsung ST100
Samsung ST1000
Samsung ST150F
Samsung ST151F
Samsung ST152F
Samsung ST200 / ST200F
Samsung ST201 / ST201F
Samsung ST205F
Samsung ST30
Samsung ST45
Samsung ST50
Samsung ST500
Samsung ST5000
Samsung ST510
Samsung ST550
Samsung ST5500
Samsung ST560
Samsung ST60
Samsung ST61
Samsung ST64
Samsung ST65
Samsung ST66
Samsung ST67
Samsung ST68
Samsung ST70
Samsung ST700
Samsung ST71
Samsung ST72
Samsung ST73
Samsung ST75
Samsung ST76
Samsung ST77
Samsung ST78
Samsung ST79
Samsung ST80
Samsung ST88
Samsung ST89
Samsung ST90
Samsung ST91
Samsung ST93
Samsung ST94
Samsung ST95
Samsung ST96
Samsung TL100
Samsung TL105
Samsung TL110
Samsung TL205
Samsung TL210
Samsung TL220
Samsung TL225
Samsung TL240
Samsung TL320
Samsung TL34HD
Samsung TL350
Samsung TL500
Samsung TL9
Samsung TL90
Samsung WB1000
Samsung WB150 / WB150F
Samsung WB151
Samsung WB152 / WB152F
Samsung WB2000
Samsung WB210
Samsung WB2100
Samsung WB2200F
Samsung WB250F
Samsung WB251F
Samsung WB280F
Samsung WB30F
Samsung WB31F
Samsung WB32F
Samsung WB350F
Samsung WB351F
Samsung WB352F
Samsung WB500
Samsung WB5000
Samsung WB50F
Samsung WB550
Samsung WB5500
Samsung WB600
Samsung WB610
Samsung WB650
Samsung WB660
Samsung WB690
Samsung WB700
Samsung WB710
Samsung WB750
Samsung WB800F
Samsung WB850F
Samsung WB855F
Samsung WP10

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