Battery for Makita DMR115, DMR112, DDF482RFJ, DUR181Z Cordless Tools - 3Ah 18V Li Ion BL1850B, BL1850, BL1830, BL1860B, BL1815 Battery Replacement

Battery for Makita DMR115, DMR112, DDF482RFJ, DUR181Z Cordless Tools - 3Ah 18V Li Ion BL1850B, BL1850, BL1830, BL1860B, BL1815 Battery Replacement

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Battery for Makita DMR115, DMR112, DDF482RFJ, DUR181Z Cordless Tools - 3Ah 18V Li Ion BL1850B, BL1850, BL1830, BL1860B, BL1815 Battery Replacement Battery for Makita DMR115, DMR112, DDF482RFJ, DUR181Z Cordless Tools - 3Ah 18V Li Ion BL1850B, BL1850, BL1830, BL1860B, BL1815 Battery Replacement Battery for Makita DMR115, DMR112, DDF482RFJ, DUR181Z Cordless Tools - 3Ah 18V Li Ion BL1850B, BL1850, BL1830, BL1860B, BL1815 Battery Replacement Battery for Makita DMR115, DMR112, DDF482RFJ, DUR181Z Cordless Tools - 3Ah 18V Li Ion BL1850B, BL1850, BL1830, BL1860B, BL1815 Battery Replacement Battery for Makita DMR115, DMR112, DDF482RFJ, DUR181Z Cordless Tools - 3Ah 18V Li Ion BL1850B, BL1850, BL1830, BL1860B, BL1815 Battery Replacement
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Cell Technology:
Li Ion

Compatibility list

Need a high-quality, high-capacity, reliable, long-life replacement Makita DMR115, DMR112, DDF482RFJ, DUR181Z battery? This 3Ah BL1850B, BL1850, BL1830, BL1860B, BL1815 replacement tool battery from CELLONIC® will give you the lasting power you need.

Fast-charging and long-lasting, this high-capacity 3Ah 18V cordless tool battery pack from CELLONIC® will keep your Makita DMR115, DMR112, DDF482RFJ, DUR181Z portable power tools working harder for longer. 

Specifically designed as a Makita BL1850B, BL1850, BL1830, BL1860B, BL1815 battery replacement for power tools, this cordless power tool battery offers:

Long runtime, full compatibility: Makita DMR115, DMR112, DDF482RFJ, DUR181Z battery with 3Ah high capacity

100% compatible replacement – Replaces your original Makita BL1850B, BL1850, BL1830, BL1860B, BL1815 battery
Long battery life, high capacity – 18V tool battery with 3Ah high capacity
Constant performance without capacity loss – thanks to modern Lithium cells without memory effect tech
Fewer charging breaks – less time spent waiting for your tool power pack to charge 

Proven quality, certified safety: Makita BL1850B, BL1850, BL1830, BL1860B, BL1815 replacement batteries for up to 1000 charging cycles

Long-lasting, consistent performance – heavy-duty, high-quality Li Ion cells for up to 1000 charging cycles
Certified safety – CE & ROHS certified, Grade A battery with short-circuit, overheating and overvoltage protection
Thorough, comprehensive testing – each battery cell is tested to ensure all safety requirements are met and that it holds and maintains the correct capacity - all before installation  

Replacement BL1850B, BL1850, BL1830, BL1860B, BL1815 battery for your Makita DMR115, DMR112, DDF482RFJ, DUR181Z tools
CELLONIC® Power Tool Replacement Battery
Capacity: 3Ah
Voltage: 18V
Cell Technology: Li Ion
Alternative for / Replaces: Original BL1850B, BL1850, BL1830, BL1860B, BL1815 battery 

3-Year Guarantee
As an international specialist retailer since 2004, we know what matters when it comes to high-quality replacement batteries for cordless saws, drills, screwdrivers & more. That's why our replacement Makita batteries come with a 36-month guarantee!

Replaces the following products

Makita BL1820B
Makita 194204-5
Makita 194205-3
Makita 194309-1
Makita BL1815
Makita BL1815N
Makita BL1830
Makita BL1830B
Makita BL1835
Makita BL1840
Makita BL1840B
Makita BL1850
Makita BL1850B
Makita BL1860B

Fits the following devices

Makita DBN500R
Makita DCL280F
Makita DCL280F
Makita BBO180
Makita BBY180
Makita BCF201
Makita BCF201Z
Makita BCG180
Makita BCL180
Makita BCL182
Makita BCS550
Makita BDA350
Makita BDA351
Makita BDA351ZJ
Makita BDF450
Makita BDF451
Makita BDF451RFE
Makita BDF452
Makita BDF453
Makita BDF454
Makita BDF456
Makita BDF458
Makita BDF459
Makita BFR550
Makita BFR750
Makita BFS450
Makita BFS450RFE
Makita BFS451
Makita BGA402
Makita BGA452
Makita BGD800
Makita BGD801
Makita BHP450
Makita BHP451
Makita BHP452
Makita BHP453
Makita BHP453RHE
Makita BHP453RYJ
Makita BHP454
Makita BHP456
Makita BHP458
Makita BHP459
Makita BHR180
Makita BHR202
Makita BHR202RFE
Makita BHR202RFJ
Makita BHR240
Makita BHR241
Makita BHR242
Makita BHR243
Makita BHR262
Makita BHS630
Makita BJN161
Makita BJN161ZJ
Makita BJR181
Makita BJR182
Makita BJS101
Makita BJS101ZJ
Makita BJS130
Makita BJS161
Makita BJS161RFJ
Makita BJS161ZJ
Makita BJV180
Makita BJV180RF
Makita BKP180
Makita BLM430ZX2C
Makita BLS713
Makita BML146
Makita BML184
Makita BML185
Makita BML186
Makita BML800
Makita BML801
Makita BML802
Makita BML803
Makita BMR050
Makita BMR102
Makita BMR103B
Makita BPB180
Makita BPH451
Makita BPH453
Makita BPH454
Makita BPH456
Makita BPJ180
Makita BPT351
Makita BPT351RFJ
Makita BPT351ZJ
Makita BSS501
Makita BSS610
Makita BSS611
Makita BST221
Makita BTD129
Makita BTD140
Makita BTD141
Makita BTD142
Makita BTD144
Makita BTD145
Makita BTD146
Makita BTD147
Makita BTD147ZJ
Makita BTL061
Makita BTM50
Makita BTP140
Makita BTP140RFJ
Makita BTP140ZJ
Makita BTP141
Makita BTW251
Makita BTW251RFE
Makita BTW450
Makita BTW450ZJ
Makita BUB182
Makita BUB183
Makita BUC122
Makita BUH523
Makita BUH523Z
Makita BUM168
Makita BUR181
Makita BVC350
Makita BVF154
Makita BVR350
Makita BVR450
Makita BVR850
Makita CC301DSAE
Makita CC301DSMJ
Makita CL180FD
Makita CL182FD
Makita DBN500
Makita DBN500R
Makita DBN500RMJ
Makita DBN500RT
Makita DBN500RTJ
Makita DBN500Y1J
Makita DBN500Z
Makita DBN600RTJ
Makita DBN600Z
Makita DBO180RMJ
Makita DBO180RTJ
Makita DBO180Y1J
Makita DBO180Z
Makita DBS180Z
Makita DCB200A
Makita DCC500Z
Makita DCE090ZX1
Makita DCF102Z
Makita DCF203Z
Makita DCF300Z
Makita DCG180
Makita DCG180RYEX
Makita DCG180ZX
Makita DCJ205Z2XL
Makita DCJ205Z3XL
Makita DCJ205ZL
Makita DCJ205ZM
Makita DCJ205ZS
Makita DCJ205ZXL
Makita DCJ206Z2XL
Makita DCJ206Z3XL
Makita DCJ206ZL
Makita DCJ206ZM
Makita DCJ206ZS
Makita DCJ206ZXL
Makita DCL180
Makita DCL180Z
Makita DCL180ZB
Makita DCL181FRFW
Makita DCL181FZW
Makita DCL182Z
Makita DCL184Z
Makita DCL280
Makita DCL280F
Makita DCL280FZ
Makita DCL281FZ
Makita DCL500Z
Makita DCL501Z
Makita DCM500Z
Makita DCM501Z
Makita DCO180Y1J
Makita DCO180Z
Makita DCO181Z
Makita DCS550RMJ
Makita DCS550Y1J
Makita DCS551RTJ
Makita DCS551Y1J
Makita DCS553RTJ
Makita DCS553Z
Makita DCU180Z
Makita DCV200Z2XL
Makita DCV200Z3XL
Makita DCV200ZL
Makita DCV200ZM
Makita DCV200ZS
Makita DCV200ZXL
Makita DCV202Z2XL
Makita DCV202Z3XL
Makita DCV202ZL
Makita DCV202ZM
Makita DCV202ZS
Makita DCV202ZXL
Makita DCW180Z
Makita DDA350RMJ
Makita DDA350RTJ
Makita DDA350Y1J
Makita DDA350Z
Makita DDA351RMJ
Makita DDA351RTJ
Makita DDA351Y1J
Makita DDA351Z
Makita DDA460ZK
Makita DDF451
Makita DDF451RMJ
Makita DDF451RTJ
Makita DDF451Y1J
Makita DDF451Z
Makita DDF453
Makita DDF456
Makita DDF456RHE
Makita DDF456RYJ
Makita DDF456Z
Makita DDF458RMJ
Makita DDF458Y1J
Makita DDF459RF4J
Makita DDF459RMJ
Makita DDF459RTJ
Makita DDF459Y1J
Makita DDF459Z
Makita DDF480
Makita DDF480RMJ
Makita DDF480RTJ
Makita DDF480Y1J
Makita DDF481RMJ
Makita DDF481RTJ
Makita DDF481Y1J
Makita DDF481Z
Makita DDF482RFEB
Makita DDF482RFJ
Makita DDF482Z
Makita DDF482ZW
Makita DDF483
Makita DDF483RAJ
Makita DDF483RTJ
Makita DDF483Y1J
Makita DDF483Z
Makita DDF484
Makita DDF484BJX1
Makita DDF484JX1
Makita DDF484RTJ
Makita DDF484Y1J
Makita DDF484Z
Makita DDF485RTJ
Makita DDF485RTJ3
Makita DDF485Z
Makita DDG460ZX7
Makita DEADML185
Makita DEADML186
Makita DEADML800
Makita DEADML801
Makita DEADML802
Makita DEADML805
Makita DEADML806
Makita DEADML808
Makita DEADML809
Makita DEADML811
Makita DEADML812
Makita DEADML815
Makita DFJ212Z2XL
Makita DFJ212Z3XL
Makita DFJ212ZL
Makita DFJ212ZM
Makita DFJ212ZX
Makita DFJ213Z2XL
Makita DFJ213Z3XL
Makita DFJ213ZL
Makita DFJ213ZM
Makita DFJ213ZXL
Makita DFJ214Z2XL
Makita DFJ214Z3XL
Makita DFJ214ZL
Makita DFJ214ZM
Makita DFJ214ZXL
Makita DFJ304Z2XL
Makita DFJ304Z3XL
Makita DFJ304ZL
Makita DFJ304ZM
Makita DFJ304ZXL
Makita DFL651FZ
Makita DFN350Z
Makita DFR550
Makita DFR550RMJ
Makita DFR550RTJ
Makita DFR550Y1J
Makita DFR550Z
Makita DFR750RME
Makita DFR750RTE
Makita DFR750Z
Makita DFS250Y1J
Makita DFS250Z
Makita DFS251Y1J
Makita DFS251Z
Makita DFS450
Makita DFS450RMJ
Makita DFS450RTJ
Makita DFS450Y1J
Makita DFS450Z
Makita DFS451RMJ
Makita DFS451Y1J
Makita DFS452
Makita DFS452AJX2
Makita DFS452RMJ
Makita DFS452RTJ
Makita DFS452Y1J
Makita DFS452Z
Makita DFV210Z2XL
Makita DFV210Z3XL
Makita DFV210ZL
Makita DFV210ZM
Makita DFV210ZXL
Makita DGA452
Makita DGA452RMJ
Makita DGA452Y1J
Makita DGA504RFJ3
Makita DGA504RMJ
Makita DGA504RTJ
Makita DGA504RTJ2
Makita DGA504Y1J
Makita DGA504Z
Makita DGA505Y1J
Makita DGA505Z
Makita DGA506RTJ
Makita DGA506Y1J
Makita DGA506Z
Makita DGA506ZJ
Makita DGA508RTJ
Makita DGA508Z
Makita DGA511RTJ
Makita DGA511Z
Makita DGA513RTJ
Makita DGA513Z
Makita DGA514ZJU1
Makita DGA515RTJ
Makita DGA515Z
Makita DGA517RTJ
Makita DGA517Z
Makita DGA519RTJ
Makita DGA519Z
Makita DGA900Z
Makita DGA900ZKX2
Makita DGA901ZKU2
Makita DGD800RMJ
Makita DGD800RTJ
Makita DGD800Y1J
Makita DGD800Z
Makita DGP180RT
Makita DGP180Z
Makita DHK180Z
Makita DHP451RMJ
Makita DHP451RTJ
Makita DHP451Y1J
Makita DHP451Z
Makita DHP453
Makita DHP453RFE
Makita DHP453RFX2
Makita DHP453RYLJ
Makita DHP453RYX2
Makita DHP453Z
Makita DHP456
Makita DHP458
Makita DHP458RMJ
Makita DHP458Y1J
Makita DHP459RMJ
Makita DHP459RTJ
Makita DHP459Y1J
Makita DHP459Z
Makita DHP480
Makita DHP480RMJ
Makita DHP480RTJ
Makita DHP480Y1J
Makita DHP481RMJ
Makita DHP481RTJ
Makita DHP481Y1J
Makita DHP481Z
Makita DHP482RF3J
Makita DHP482RFX3
Makita DHP482Z
Makita DHP483Z
Makita DHP484RTJ
Makita DHP484Y1J
Makita DHP484Z
Makita DHP485
Makita DHP485RTJ
Makita DHP485Z
Makita DHR165RMJ
Makita DHR165RT
Makita DHR165RTJ
Makita DHR165Y1J
Makita DHR165Z
Makita DHR171RAJ
Makita DHR171Z
Makita DHR182RTWJ
Makita DHR182Z
Makita DHR182ZU
Makita DHR202
Makita DHR202RMJ
Makita DHR202ZJ
Makita DHR243
Makita DHR243RMJ
Makita DHR243RTJ
Makita DHR243RTJV
Makita DHR243RTJW
Makita DHR243Y1J
Makita DHR243Z
Makita DHR263
Makita DHR263Z
Makita DHR263ZJ
Makita DHR264ZJ
Makita DHR280ZJ
Makita DHR281ZJ
Makita DHR283ZJU
Makita DHR283ZWJU
Makita DHR400PG2U
Makita DHR400ZKU
Makita DHS630RMJ
Makita DHS630RTJ
Makita DHS630Y1J
Makita DHS630Z
Makita DHS660RTJ
Makita DHS660Z
Makita DHS661RTJU
Makita DHS661ZU
Makita DHS680RTJ
Makita DHS680Y1J
Makita DHS680Z
Makita DHS710
Makita DHS710ZJ
Makita DHS782ZJ
Makita DHS783ZJU
Makita DHS900Z
Makita DHS900ZU
Makita DJN161RMJ
Makita DJN161RTJ
Makita DJN161Y1J
Makita DJN161Z
Makita DJR181RM
Makita DJR181YK
Makita DJR183
Makita DJR183RM1J
Makita DJR183RT1J
Makita DJR183Y1J
Makita DJR183Z
Makita DJR185
Makita DJR185RM1J
Makita DJR185ZJ
Makita DJR186RT
Makita DJR186Z
Makita DJR186ZK
Makita DJR187RT
Makita DJR187Z
Makita DJR187ZK
Makita DJR188Z
Makita DJR360ZK
Makita DJS101
Makita DJS101RMJ
Makita DJS101RTJ
Makita DJS101Y1J
Makita DJS101Z
Makita DJS161RMJ
Makita DJS161RTJ
Makita DJS161Y1J
Makita DJS161Z
Makita DJV180
Makita DJV180Z
Makita DJV181
Makita DJV181RM1J
Makita DJV181RT1J
Makita DJV181Y1J
Makita DJV181Z
Makita DJV182
Makita DJV182Y1J
Makita DJV182Z
Makita DKP180
Makita DKP180RMJ
Makita DKP180RTJ
Makita DKP180Y1J
Makita DKP180Z
Makita DKP181Z
Makita DKP181ZU
Makita DLM380
Makita DLM380PM2
Makita DLM380Z
Makita DLM382PM2
Makita DLM382Z
Makita DLM431PF2
Makita DLM431PT2
Makita DLM431Z
Makita DLM432PT2
Makita DLM432Z
Makita DLM460PT2
Makita DLM460Z
Makita DLM462PG4
Makita DLM462Z
Makita DLM530Z
Makita DLM532Z
Makita DLM533Z
Makita DLS111ZU
Makita DLS211ZU
Makita DLS600Z
Makita DLS713
Makita DLS713NZ
Makita DLS713RME
Makita DLS713RTE
Makita DLS713Z
Makita DLS714NZ
Makita DLS714Z
Makita DLW140Z
Makita DLX2020Y
Makita DLX2031X1
Makita DLX2082MJ
Makita DLX2083M
Makita DLX2083MJ
Makita DLX2213
Makita DLX2213PT
Makita DLX2221JX2
Makita DLX2304ZX1
Makita DLX2327X1
Makita DLX2328X1
Makita DLX2333X1
Makita DLX2334J
Makita DML801
Makita DMP180Z
Makita DMR102
Makita DMR105
Makita DMR106B
Makita DMR107
Makita DMR108
Makita DMR110
Makita DMR112
Makita DMR115
Makita DMR202
Makita DPB181
Makita DPB181RME
Makita DPB181RTE
Makita DPB181Z
Makita DPB183Z
Makita DPJ180
Makita DPJ180RMJ
Makita DPJ180RTJ
Makita DPJ180Y1J
Makita DPJ180Z
Makita DPO500Z
Makita DPO600TKX1
Makita DPO600Z
Makita DPT351RMJ
Makita DPT351RTJ
Makita DPT351Y1J
Makita DPT353Y1J
Makita DPT353Z
Makita DRC200Z
Makita DRS780Z
Makita DRT50Z
Makita DRT50ZJX2
Makita DRV150Z
Makita DRV250Z
Makita DSC102ZJ
Makita DSC121ZKX1
Makita DSC162Z
Makita DSC163ZK
Makita DSC191Z
Makita DSC250ZK
Makita DSD180Z
Makita DSL800ZU
Makita DSL800ZX
Makita DSP600ZJ
Makita DSP601ZJU
Makita DSS501RMJ
Makita DSS501RTJ
Makita DSS501Y1J
Makita DSS501Z
Makita DSS610
Makita DSS610RMJ
Makita DSS610ZJ
Makita DSS611
Makita DST221RMJ
Makita DST221RTJ
Makita DST221Y1J
Makita DST221Z
Makita DST221ZJ
Makita DTD129
Makita DTD129RMJ
Makita DTD129RTJ
Makita DTD129Y1J
Makita DTD146
Makita DTD146RMJ
Makita DTD146Y1J
Makita DTD146Z
Makita DTD147
Makita DTD148RMJ
Makita DTD148RTJ
Makita DTD148Y1J
Makita DTD148Z
Makita DTD152
Makita DTD152RTJ
Makita DTD152Y1J
Makita DTD152Z
Makita DTD153RTJ
Makita DTD153Y1J
Makita DTD153Z
Makita DTD154
Makita DTD154RTJ
Makita DTD154Y1J
Makita DTD155Y1J
Makita DTD155Z
Makita DTD157Z
Makita DTD171RTJ
Makita DTD171Z
Makita DTL061RM1J
Makita DTL061RT1J
Makita DTL061Y1J
Makita DTL061Z
Makita DTM50Z
Makita DTM51RM1J3
Makita DTM51RT1J3
Makita DTM51Y1JX8
Makita DTM51Z
Makita DTP141RMJ
Makita DTP141Y1J
Makita DTP141Z
Makita DTR180ZJ
Makita DTS141RMJ
Makita DTS141RTJ
Makita DTS141Y1J
Makita DTS141Z
Makita DTW1001RTJ
Makita DTW1001Y1J
Makita DTW1001Z
Makita DTW1002RTJ
Makita DTW1002Y1J
Makita DTW1002Z
Makita DTW180Z
Makita DTW181Z
Makita DTW251RMJ
Makita DTW281RMJ
Makita DTW281RTJ
Makita DTW281Y1J
Makita DTW285RTJ
Makita DTW285Y1J
Makita DTW285Z
Makita DTW300RTJ
Makita DTW300Z
Makita DTW450
Makita DTW450RMJ
Makita DTW450RTJ
Makita DTW450Y1J
Makita DTW450Z
Makita DTW700Z
Makita DTW701RTJ
Makita DTW701Z
Makita DUB182
Makita DUB182 LXT
Makita DUB182Z
Makita DUB183Z
Makita DUB184RF
Makita DUB184Z
Makita DUB185Z
Makita DUB186Z
Makita DUB361Z
Makita DUB362PT4
Makita DUB362Z
Makita DUB363PT2V
Makita DUB363ZV
Makita DUC122RME
Makita DUC122RTE
Makita DUC122Z
Makita DUC252
Makita DUC252Z
Makita DUC254CZ
Makita DUC254Z
Makita DUC256Z
Makita DUC302
Makita DUC353Z
Makita DUH502Z
Makita DUH523RF
Makita DUH523Z
Makita DUH551
Makita DUH551Z
Makita DUH601Z
Makita DUH651
Makita DUH651Z
Makita DUH751Z
Makita DUM168Z
Makita DUM604RFX
Makita DUM604ZX
Makita DUN500WZ
Makita DUN600LZ
Makita DUP361
Makita DUP361PT2
Makita DUP361Z
Makita DUP362Z
Makita DUR181RF
Makita DUR181Z
Makita DUR182L
Makita DUR182LRME
Makita DUR182LZ
Makita DUR187
Makita DUR187LRF
Makita DUR187LZ
Makita DUR187URF
Makita DUR187UZ
Makita DUR188LZ
Makita DUR188UZ
Makita DUR189RF
Makita DUR190LZX3
Makita DUR190UZX3
Makita DUR191LZX3
Makita DUR191UZX3
Makita DUR192LRT
Makita DUR192LZ
Makita DUR361UZ
Makita DUR362L
Makita DUR362LZ
Makita DUR364LZ
Makita DUR365UZ
Makita DUR368AZ
Makita DUR368LZ
Makita DUR369AZ
Makita DUR369LZ
Makita DUT130Z
Makita DUT131Z
Makita DUX18ZX1
Makita DUX60Z
Makita DVC150LZ
Makita DVC154LZ
Makita DVC155LZX2
Makita DVC261ZX15
Makita DVC265ZXU
Makita DVC350Z
Makita DVC560Z
Makita DVC660Z
Makita DVC665ZU
Makita DVC750LZX1
Makita DVC750LZX3
Makita DVC860LZ
Makita DVC864LZ
Makita DVF154RM
Makita DVP180
Makita DVP180RT
Makita DVP180Z
Makita DVR450RME
Makita DVR450RTE
Makita DVR450Z
Makita DWD181ZJ
Makita DWR180Z
Makita DZR187UZ
Makita HP457DWE
Makita HP457DWE10
Makita HS301DY1J
Makita KP180DZ
Makita LXCU01
Makita LXDT01
Makita LXFD01
Makita LXLC01
Makita LXLM03
Makita LXLM04
Makita LXPH01
Makita LXPH05
Makita LXPK01
Makita LXSF01
Makita LXSL01
Makita LXT400
Makita LXTP01
Makita M6301DWE
Makita M8301DWE
Makita ML184
Makita ML185
Makita ML800
Makita ML801
Makita MR100
Makita MR100W
Makita PB108D
Makita PDC1200A01
Makita PT351D
Makita TD144D
Makita TD146DZ
Makita TD251DZ
Makita UB182D
Makita UB183D
Makita UC122D
Makita VR350D
Makita XBP01Z
Makita XBP02Z
Makita XDT01
Makita XDT01Z
Makita XDT04Z
Makita XDT06Z
Makita XDT08
Makita XDT08Z
Makita XDT09Z
Makita XFD01Z
Makita XFD03Z
Makita XFD07Z
Makita XGC01Z
Makita XLT01Z
Makita XLT02Z
Makita XMT03Z
Makita XNJ01Z
Makita XOB01Z
Makita XPH01Z
Makita XPH03Z
Makita XPH06Z
Makita XPH07Z
Makita XRF01Z
Makita XRH03Z
Makita XRH04Z
Makita XRH05Z
Makita XRJ01Z
Makita XRJ03Z
Makita XRM02W
Makita XRM03B
Makita XRM04B
Makita XRU02Z
Makita XRV01Z
Makita XRV02
Makita XRV02Z
Makita XSC01Z
Makita XSF01Z
Makita XSF03M
Makita XSF03Z
Makita XSH01Z
Makita XSH03MZ
Makita XSH03Z
Makita XSJ01Z
Makita XSS01Z
Makita XSS02Z
Makita XSS03Z
Makita XST01M
Makita XST01Z
Makita XTS01Z
Makita XVJ02Z
Makita XVJ03Z
Makita XWT01Z
Makita XWT02M
Makita XWT02Z
Makita XWT04Z
Makita XWT05
Makita XWT05Z
Makita XWT06Z
Makita  DHP484

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